Covid-19 Update

Until all restrictions for travel and stay home orders are lifted, our hotel will provide limited service to all our guests and not all amenities might be available. These new policies will be in place:

-As requested by City ordinances all guests must wear masks while in common areas corridors, lobbies, or public spaces at the hotel.

-For security reasons the hotel main doors are open from 7 AM to 1 AM Sunday to Thursday and until 4 am on Friday and Saturday. If a guest needs to leave after that time, the guest can use the emergency exit door.  If guests need to reenter premises during closed doors hours, arrangements should be made before we close the main doors the night before.

-For guests staying more than one night, we do not provide housekeeping during their stay. The front desk can provide extra towels and bathroom supplies if requested at the front desk for guests to pick up.

-Our hotel is not prepared with appropriate equipment and trained personnel to accommodate and isolate guests or family members who have been exposed to Covid19, or work at a location with a high risk of infections or are coming from regions in the country or overseas with a high risk of infestation.  To protect other guests in house as well as our staff we do not accept reservations from guests in such conditions.  As requested by our insurer carrier, we must request at check-in an affidavit from the guest stating none of those conditions apply to him/her or his/her companions. The hotel always reserves the right to refuse service. 

-The O'Brien Hotel follows CDC and AHLA guidelines to clean our rooms and protect our guests from getting Covid19 infection while staying at our hotel. Yet, there are not 100% safe protocols to avoid infection. Covid19 viral infection and dissemination processes are still under investigation. Guest agrees making this reservation at his/her own risk and indemnifies and releases The O'Brien Hotel from any claim on this matter.

-By checking in at the hotel the guest acknowledges and accepts these limited services at the O’Brien Hotel during Covid19 pandemic.